Terms & Conditions

Lamb Transports Does not guarantee delivery on any particular schedule. This and other items of the contract of carriage are governed by the uniform straight bill of lading herein. Your vehicle(s) will be placed in a local storage facility if you or your agent are not available to receive your vehicle upon arrival for delivery. You will be responsible for any storage or redelivery fee incurred.

IMPORTANT – To shipper and driver or other representative handling for Lamb Transports. Our Interstate Commerce Commission Permit No. MC 375716 limits service to the transportation of the vehicle only. We may not accept any personal effects inside the vehicle or trunk areas. This regulation cannot be waived. Any charges of fines or damages resulting from this will be the shipper's responsibility.

Lamb Transports nor its agents will not be liable for the following……..

1.Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system anti-freeze solution, industrial fallout resulting from acts of God.

2.Mechanical functions, exhaust systems, alignment, suspension or tuning of engine. Shipper understands and acknowledges that Lamb Transports does not perform mechanical inspections of vehicle being shipped.

3.Damages incurred while loading or unloading inoperable vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, any damages related to pushing, winching, towing, fueling, charging electrical components, or damage to external body components.

4.If a vehicle becomes inoperable at any point during transport for any reason, there will be an additional fee of $250.00. This fee will be due upon delivery.

5.Damage or loss of loose parts or special equipment not listed on the bill of lading and/or not properly wrapped and stored by owner so as to prevent loss or damage.

6.Articles left in vehicle.

7.Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or batteries. Protection from freezing will be the responsibility of the shipper.

8.Damage to tires unless noted on bill of lading and signed by Driver.

9.Damage to power antennas that are inoperable, phone, CB, etc. Unless otherwise noted, power antennas, phones, radios, and CBs will be deemed to be inoperable at the time of delivery from shipper to Lamb Transports.

10.Minor scratches, paint chips, and dings associated with any used cars, including those obstructed from view by dust, dirt, etc. Listing every defect is not practical at time of shipping. Lamb Transports is not responsible for washing cars to complete inspection.

11.All vehicle openings: hoods, sunroofs, windows, convertible tops, etc.; all openings are to be securely latched by shipper prior to shipping.

Additional notes:

Auto Rental Accruals will not be honored.

Damage claims will not be honored unless delivered to Lamb Transports within three (3) days of signing of the delivery receipt. Any damage claim MUST be accompanied by three written repair estimates and photographs of the damaged area(s). No damage claim shall be honored until freight charges due Lamb Transports, its agents, servants, or employees, are paid in full.

Shipper authorizes Lamb Transports, its agencies, servants, or employees, to drive the vehicle, as needed for purposes of loading and unloading and no liability can exist for mileage placed on shipper’s vehicle by such agents, servants, or employees.

Exceptions for damage or shortage must be noted at time of delivery and signed by Driver and Receiver. Claims resulting there from must be filed in writing to Lamb Transports, P.O. Box 2066, Englewood, CO 80150-2066.

Any and all disputes between Shipper and Lamb Transports are to be handled through binding mediation with a third party to be chosen by Shipper. All parties agree that the venue for any dispute shall be within Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Broker Terms and Conditions

The following is a contract between the broker, Lamb Transports, herein referred to as Broker and the customer, herein referred to as Customer.

Customer warrants that it is the registered legal owner of the vehicle, or that it has been authorized by legal owners to enter into this Agreement.

Customer agrees to pay the price quoted for delivered vehicles, including all COD amounts and any additional charges initially agreed upon. COD’s must be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order.


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